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Odd Gull

Pyramid Lake, 3-18-06
Martin Meyers

This Herring-type Gull was along the shore of Pyramid Lake at the Fish Hatchery just south of Sutcliff (an area known as the "Net Pens"). It stood out as being larger than the many California Gulls and smaller than the few Herring Gulls present at the same location. What caught my attention was the orange-yellow color of the legs. The mantle color seemed to me to be the same shade of gray as the nearby adult Herring Gull -- notice that in two of the photos, you can see the legs of the adult Herring Gull as well as the legs of the smaller orange-yellow legged gull in question.
The photos are unfortunately quite small -- the hatchery area was closed so I could not get very close to the bird. The California Gulls were happy to come over and eat Sun Chips, but the Herrings and the odd gull did not appear to be hungry. : - (

Odd gull at Pyramid Lake
The orange-legged gull is in the center. To the left and foreground right are California Gulls. The gull nearest the water on the right is an adult Herring Gull.

Odd Gull at Pyramid Lake
Slightly different head shape in this photo.

Odd gull standing next to adult Herring Gull for leg color comparison
In this photo, the odd gull is the nearest bird and is just left of the adult Herring Gull, providing ideal conditions for comparing leg color.
(The feet of the gull in question seem to show a bit of a pink tone in this photo -- I did not see that in my scope views.)

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