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Note to users of Internet Explorer, particularly newer versions:
In order for this page (and, really, all photo pages) to function as designed, you should wait until the page has fully loaded (i.e., the little wheel at the top of the page stops spinning) before clicking on your first thumbnail selection. Clicking before the page has completed loading may result in the selected photo appearing in a new page and without 'left' and 'right' arrows instead of superimposing over the existing page. This problem does not appear to occur with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
***BE PATIENT!** When selecting your first photo to view, there may seem like an unusually long delay before it comes up on the screen (no matter what browser you are using).
I expect this is because it is still loading photos into memory. Once the first one comes up, the rest will pop up much more quickly!

This page contains all photos added to the website in the past five years, plus a few odds and ends from earlier, all in reverse chronological order.

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